Proth Surface Grinder

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Proth Surface Grinders

Proth Surface Grinder Specifications
  • Saddle Type Surface grinding machines up to 400 x 800mm (16” x 32”)
  • Column Type Surface grinding machines 800 x 2500mm (32” x 98”)
  • Over-arm Type Surface grinding machines up to 750 x 3000mm (30” x 118”)
  • Double Column Planer Surface grinding machines up to 2000 x 4000mm (79” x 157”)
  • Rotary Surface grinding machines up to 500 to 1600mm diameter (20” to 63”)
  • CNC surface grinding machines up to 1500 x 6000mm (59” x 236”)

Equipment Information

Proth Surface Grinders Features

  • PROTH specializes in Surface Grinders and their mission is to exceed quality expectations on all machines.
  • The PROTH name is recognized around the world for quality and industry leading design.
  • PROTH is dedicated to research and developing the most comprehensive and innovative range of Surface Grinders available anywhere.
  • PROTH surface grinders consistently surpass the rigorous quality requirements for the most demanding industrial applications.

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