CNC Inside Turning

Standard Atlantic can provide SIR Meccanica W FULL Series CNC Portable Lathe.

The BEST match of quality and price on the market.

W FULL Series CNC Portable Lathe

W FULL Series CNC Portable Lathe Specifications
  • Curvilinear profiles with any tips of radius
  • Conical machining and any type of chamfers
  • All types of threading
  • Plain and shaped facing
  • Any type of grooving
  • Phonographic grooves
  • Overlay welding
  • 110mm to 600mm Working Diameter
  • 250mm or 600mm Stroke

Equipment Information

W FULL Series CNC Portable Lathe Features

  • Safe and technological advanced portable machine tools for grinding, boring and turning on valves for any diameter and depth. This equipment greatly reduces machining time and costs.
  • The latest WS Full CNC uses high tech components that make it possible to carry out high-performance operations.
  • It’s unique design has all the advantages of the W series machine tools, enhanced with a CNC head, that allows it to perform advanced machining operations.

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