SIR Meccanica Line Boring and Welding

Standard Atlantic can provide SIR Meccanica W Series In-Line Boring Machines.

The BEST match of quality and price on the market.

W Series In-Line Boring Machines

W Series In-Line Boring Machine Specifications
  • In-Line boring
  • Overlay welding on inside and outside surfaces
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Shaft dimensions from 35mm to 100mm
  • Boring diameters from 22mm to 1700mm
  • Welding diameters from 25mm to 1700mm
  • Longitudinal strokes unlimited
  • Longitudinal stroke steps from 120mm to 300mm

Equipment Information

W Series In-Line Boring Machine Features

  • W series includes 9 models. Each machine spans a range of dimensions and perform, with extreme precision, on-site repairs of holes and other machining requirements on small or large equipment where disassembly would result in transportation to a workshop for machining. Statistically the use of this innovative portable equipment reduces machining time by 85%.
  • Sophisticated Electronic Control panel:
  • Auto-selects 110V or 220V input
  • Electronic torque system synchronizes rotation and feed
  • Precise RPM and Feed regulation
  • RPM and Feed display
  • Rapid reverse
  • Acoustic fault warning
  • E-Stop

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