Accurpress ACCELL H Press Brake

Standard Atlantic can provide the Accurpress ACCELL H Press Brake Machine. The Accell H exceeds performance expectations with its high speed forming and ability to tackle any application challenge. With advanced motion technologies and the most flexible features and options, the Accell H is the ultimate in creating complex parts.

The BEST match of quality and price on the market.

Accurpress ACCELL H Press Brake Machine

Accurpress ACCELL H Press Brake Machine Specifications
  • The Accell H 60 to 190-ton models combine power and precision into a sleek design. Using a combination of Electric and Hydraulic Drive Systems, these hybrid machines are highly efficient, impressively quiet and utilize the latest in Accurpress Motion Technologies.
  • Four Point Ram Guide Ways: The Four Point Ram Guiding System allows for stable ram movement even with larger open heights and stroke lengths. The Ram moves freely up and down via 4 hardened Roller Ways.
  • 16” Throat Depth: A large side depth increases flexibility with forming larger parts.
  • Rear Safety Door: The backgauge area is completely protected via sliding doors and safety interlock switch.
  • Vision Control: The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell Hybrid models. Optional Moses upgrade is available.
  • Wila Clamping: All Hybrid models come standard with either Wila NSCL 1 New Standard Pro or ASCL 1 American ram clamping systems.
  • Off-Center Forming: The Hybrids advanced hydraulics allow for part forming (reduced tonnage) off the ends of the machine, removing “center only” forming restrictions.
  • Material Compensation System: Material Thickness Sensing, Teach Crowning and Pressure Compensation all provide real-time positioning adjustments based on material variance.

Equipment Information

Accurpress Available Features

  • Robotics Integration: Accurpress offers robotic press brake solutions for automated bending. Robotized bending combines the Accell press brake with experienced partners in robotics and offline software.
  • Light Curtain Guarding: Optional light curtain guarding is also available for all Hybrid machines. On the 60 ton the light curtain acts as a safety guarding device and also initiates ram motion (PSDI). For the 120 and 190 ton machines the light curtain acts exclusively to initiate the ram motion (PSDI).
  • Wila Precision Tooling Systems: For over 80 years, Wila has supplied trend-setting tools and accessories worldwide for press brake builders and users. Wila continues to invest in the latest bending technologies making them the smart choice for the Accurpress machine.
  • Accurpress Crowning Die Holder: The Accurcrown system is available for all Accell models. This Crowning Die Holder is manufactured with a series of precision wedges providing a uniform crown, which may be adjusted manually or power interfaced to the Accurpress CNC system.

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