Accurpress ACCELL U Press Brake

Standard Atlantic can provide the Accurpress ACCELL U Press Brake Machine. The Accell U Upgrade Package builds on the already impressive standard features of the Accell E machine to provide even more functionality and flexibility. This specialized machine can handle any forming challenge or production run with ease.

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Accurpress ACCELL U Press Brake Machine

Accurpress ACCELL U Press Brake Machine Specifications
  • Throat Depth: 12” Throat Depth on machines up to 250 Tons. 14” Throat Depth on 350 – 500 Ton models.
  • Backgauge Options: Accell E models include the Premium CNC X, R, Z1/Z2 backgauge. The optional Elite backgauge offers greater flexibility in 6-axis X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z1.
  • Forming Accuracy: The synchronized Y1/Y2 Accurpress Accell-E is engineered and manufactured to produce repeat and parallelism positional accuracies of +/-0.0004 across the length of the press brake, including the outside distance of the side frames via the electronic/hydraulic closed loop control system.
  • Machine Controls: The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell models. Optional Moses upgrade is available.
  • Hydraulic Ram Clamping: All E-models are equipped with Wila Hydraulic Ram Clamping to suit American tooling. Wila New Standard Pro or Premium is available as an option.
  • Generous Open Height/Stroke Length: The Accell line comes standard with impressive ram open heights and stroke lengths to provide flexibility for complex part designs.
  • Off Centre Bending: The integrity of the frame provides for precision off-center bending applications. Additionally, the advanced control allows for the creation of CNC fade bends.
  • CNC Crowning: CNC Accurcrown is a standard feature offering flexibility and accuracy to the full range of bending applications in all job shop and production environments.

Equipment Information

Accurpress Available Features

  • Front Support Arms: The Accurpress front support arms come in 24” and 36” lengths and are fully adjustable for different tooling heights and thicknesses. The bottom Foot Disk allows the operator to easily adjust the height of the support arm while the top support piece can be adjusted front to back depending on the desired position. These support arms are mounted on a liner rail for smooth and accurate positing left to right on the press brake. Both sizes feature angle gauging, squaring bars and disappearing stops.
  • Sheet Followers:The Accurpress Sheet Following System is a moveable support table that lifts and supports material during the bending motion. It is fully synchronized with the ram bend speed and desired angle and can support a load capacity of 500lb per sheet follower. Descent speed and activation of the Sheet Following System are fully programmable by the operator.
  • Extended Open Height: The Ram Open Height can be extended to form parts that require the need for extra daylight.
  • Extended Throat Depth: The Accell E and U can be customized to have additional throat depth clearance to facilitate parts with deeper flange lengths.
  • Tandem Mode: All Accell Models can be installed in Tandem, where two or more machines operate as one. During operation, the machine controls are electronically connected to exchange information for fully synchronized forming. This flexible package offered by Accurpress provides the press brake operator the luxury of choosing single machine operation or tandem via a simple selector switch.
  • Barcode Reader: Vision Control required. Two models available: Paper-read and paper-read/barcode etched in metal.
  • Robotics Integration: Accurpress offers robotic press brake solutions for automated bending. Robotized bending combines the Accell press brake with experienced partners in robotics and offline software.
  • Wila Precision Tooling Systems: For over 80 years, Wila has supplied trend-setting tools and accessories worldwide for press brake builders and users. Wila continues to invest in the latest bending technologies making them the smart choice for the Accurpress machine.

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