RK RTP Roll-In Table Press

Standard Atlantic can provide the RK RTP Roll-In Table Press. RTP 200 Model Shown Above.

The BEST match of quality and price on the market.

RK RTP Roll-In Table Press

RK RTP Roll-In Table Press Specifications
  • Electric / Hydraulic operation provides smooth, consistent pressing action
  • Powered moveable roll-in table for ease of loading and positioning workpiece
  • Powered moveable workhead for off center work positions the cylinder left and right with the touch of a lever
  • Flat ram nose can be easily changed to allow the user to adapt the press to a specific job
  • Low speed motor and pump for quiet, dependable operation
  • Hydraulic power-lift for vertical displacement of head assembly
  • Pressure gauge to monitor hydraulic pressure
  • Pressure regulator to limit the ram pressure
  • High Capacity hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Safety relief valve for hydraulic pressure

Equipment Information

RK RTP Roll-In Table Press Features

  • A range of models from 100 to 300 tons
  • Moveable workhead standard on all models
  • Handheld variable speed remote control of all axes available
  • Cylinder activation is fingertip controlled, the more the lever is engaged the more the ram movement is accelerated allowing precise operator control
  • Low pressure hydraulic system maintains lower oil temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency and increased safety of operation
  • All hydraulic and Mechanical Parts are industry standard and available throughout North America

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